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Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Who are we

Our Vision

Snail Farming is in its infancy in South-Africa and boasts huge potential, with our sunny South-African climate and open stretches of land making free range and ‘close-to-nature’ farming a pleasure. 

Affordable methodology allows the harvesting and processing of a full spectrum of high-quality snail products available for competitive export. 

My Snail adventure began around March 2019 when I harvested just over 300 indigenous garden snails, known at the time as Helix aspersa muller, lovingly collected from two of my friend’s gardens as well as a stranger’s veggie garden, saving them from certain death.

Of all terrestrial mollusks, this species may well be what most people are familiar with.  It was classified and is widely known under the scientific name Helix aspersa for over two centuries, but the prevailing classification now places them in the genus Cornu.

Other than exporting a select range of snail products, The Snail House aims to have a Proudly South-African range of Farm Fresh Deli Snail Products available for the local market to purchase directly fresh from the farm.

The Snail House aims to not only bring quality snail products into the home of any South-African snail lover but to also assist, guide and support new and fellow snail farmers in becoming good quality producers in the industry.

We hope you will enjoy shopping with us.

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